Cunningham Blake Solicitors - Blackheath

Cunningham Blake Solicitors is a firm specialising in Conveyancing, Property, Personal Injury, Wills & Probate and private client matters. We are a highly regarded firm with a large number of existing clients who return to us time after time. New clients are more than often recommended by current or previous clients.

Every client receives the personal attention of a specialist Solicitor or Conveyancer who will provide the best possible advice and representation throughout the case.

The firm was established more than 30 years ago and there are three partners in the firm:  Matthew Blake, Kenneth Cunningham and Trisha Djemal.  Our Conveyancing Manager is Michael Cornwall, and our Wills & Probate Manager is Tina Price-Johnson.

We are based in South East London and our office is at 1 Spencer Yard, Blackheath, London SE3 0DE, located 50 metres from Blackheath Train Station and on the bus route for the numbers 54, 89 and 108 buses which stop outside Blackheath train station, and bus number 380 which stops at the edge of Blackheath Hill near the Village.  There is parking available next to Blackheath train station and Blackheath Post Office. 



Meeting Tina Price-Johnson was a pleasant experience and gave us confidence that we are in good hands. Extremely satisfied.
A.B. & D.B. 10 July 2018

Extremely satisfied, nothing could be improved.  Very good service [provided by Tina Price-Johnson].
D.F. & R.S. 29 June 2018

Hi Matthew [Blake], Thank you for your letter ... enclosing my settlement cheque.  I am very pleased with the outcome.  The amount received reflects the pain, ongoing aches and recovery as well as the inconvenience caused by the incident.  I am very grateful for your assitance and patience in this matter.
L.A. 22 June 2018

Thanks so much Michael [Cornwall] for your help.  You are a rock and your advice has been invaluable!
B.F. 19 June 2018

[Michael Cornwall] acted as my solicitor on my recent property purchase and sale.  It is the fourth time he has acted on my behalf.  I cannot fault his diligence and speed of response.  He dealt with ambiguity which inevitably arises when buying and selling, and gave my wife and I absolute confidence that nothing was being missed.  The service he gave was personalised to our needs and structured in a way that I have not experienced from many of the larger conveyancers I have had dealing with, who appear to have totally procedurised conveyancing into a non-personal admin paper chain.  I would highly recommed Cunningham Blake and [Michael Cornwall] specifically.
N.M. 18 June 2018

Extremely satisfied with the level of service provided by your fee-earner [Tina Price-Johnson] overall; happy to use and recommend Cunningham Blake.
V.R. & L.R. 08 June 2018

Very good service [from Tina Price-Johnson]; puts other solicitors to shame! Extremely satisfied.
R.B. & G. B. 04 June 2018

[Tina Price-Johnson provided a] fast, efficient service.  [She] listened to our requests and gave advice/guidance where necessary.  A very trouble-free transaction. Thank you.
D.C & J.C. 31 May 2018

Ms Trisha Djemal has provided a professional friendly service with high efficiency.  Extremely satisfied.
I.W. 31 May 2018

Trisha Djemal was always helpful; I am very happy with the service provided and to use and recommend Cunningham Blake.
P.M. 29 May 2018

Dear Ms Price-Johnson, Many thanks, [I am] extremely satisfied with your service [and] happy to use and recommend Cunningham Blake.
M.H. 18 May 2018

Very happy with the service ... received, and after [I and my brother] had researched several firms [I am] very happy with my choice.  Tina [Price-Johnson] made things simple and easy to understand without 'legalese' for which I am grateful.
K.B. 15 May 2018

Dear Tina [Price-Johnson], Thank you ... for the ... way you dealt with my requirements [which were] dealt with promptly and efficiently.  Everyone I met was very efficient, friendly and understood my needs.  I am happy to recommend the firm to my friends; phone calls were replied to very promptly and letters and emails were replied to either the same day or the next.  [You were] very pleasant, efficient and answered any queries immediately.  Extremely satisfied.
D.B. 08 May 2018

Hi Michael [Cornwall], Many thanks again for your excellent help throughout this sales process.  We greatly appreciated how responsive and reassuring you were.
C.K. & L.K. 07 May 2018

Hi Michael [Cornwall].  Thank you so much for all your hard work in progressing this file so far.  The kinds words... are ... really appreciated.  You have been excellent in the way you have handled this case, and if I ever look at property in the future, I will be coming back to you.
R.J. 27 Apr 2018

Dear Michael [Cornwall], (I am) extremely satisfied with the overall service; happy to use and recommend Cunningham Blake.
V.M. 24 Apr 2018

Dear Tina [Price-Johnson], Thanks for your time and effort regarding this situation ... I would have no hesitation recommending Cunningham Blake to others, and it is very likely that we will no doubt be using your services again in the near future.  Cunningham Blake are a very easy team to deal with from initial meetings to signing off.  Very professional.
C.G. & B.G. 23 Apr 2018

Tina [Price-Johnson] always provided a professional response to any of our queries, and did well to obtain a copy of the Will from ----- original solicitors.  We were very happy with the service.
J.L. & M.L. 23 Apr 2018

Tina [Price-Johnson], Thank you for all your effort in getting the Wills completed for us, it really is appreciated.
D.C. 17 Apr 2018

Michael [Cornwall], I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and support over the past 6 months.  I really appreciate it.  Thanks and kind regards.
C.E. 16 Apr 2018

The service I received [from Tina Price-Johnson] does not leave any room for improvement; excellent!
T.B. 29 Mar 2018

Very impressed by the level of service provided [by Trisha Djemal].  Thank you for your hard work!
C.P. 27 Mar 2018

Hi Michael [Cornwall], thank you for your service; you have helped so much and I am very grateful.
P.B. 23 Mar 2018

Extremely satisfactory; nothing could be improved.  Fantastic service from Trisha [Djemal], Helen [Bird], Sharon [Hodkin] and Sandra [Allen] once again.
A.D. & E.G. 15 Mar 2018

[Trisha Djemal].  Service was very efficient and prompt. Happy to recommend Cunningham Blake; great team players, when members of staff are out of office, their replacement was always up-to-date.  Brilliant service from the whole team.
A.D. 13 Mar 2018

[Dear Trisha Djemal], Everyone at CB was both very approachable and engaging. Well done, [I am] extremely satisfied.
D.N. 13 Mar 2018

Hi Tina [Price-Johnson], Just a short note to thank you for all your work on this [probate matter] - it has been very much appreciated.
J.L. 08 Mar 2018

Telephone calls, letters and emails were responded to quickly, extremely satisfied with this and the level of the overall service [provided by Tina Price-Johnson].  Happy to recommend Cunningham Blake.
D.B. 07 Mar 2018

[I am] extremely satisfied [with] the overall service [received from Tina Price-Johnson]; happy to use and to recommend Cunningham Blake
M.S. 06 Mar 2018

[Tina Price-Johnson was] most polite, friendly and helpful at all times.  Most certainly happy to use Cunningham Blake again and I have already recommended them.  I don't think the service could be improved.
A.H. 28 Feb 2018

[Trisha Djemal] handled all my work with urgency and professionalism; I am extremely satisfied.  All went very well and I would not consider going anywhere else for the services.
M.H. 21 Feb 2018

[Trisha Djemal provided an] extremely satisfactory service overall.  Happy to recommend and use Cunningham Blake again.
S.E. 09 Feb 2018

The service I received [from Michael Cornwall] was friendly, courteous and efficient.  CB [has]... dealt with several conveyances. I would not consider going anywhere else.  Thank you for everything you've done on my behalf.
A.M. 08 Feb 2018

[Michael Cornwall] It was a great service; we are extremely satisfied.  Many thanks!
J.C. & M.C.  07 Feb 2018

Hi Tina [Price-Johnson], many thanks for helping us with our Wills.  We are extremely satisfed and happy to recommend Cunningham Blake.
J.L. & J.L. 06 Feb 2018

Dear Tina [Price-Johnson], [I am] extremely satisfied and happy to use and recommend Cunningham Blake again.
I.W. 01 Feb 2018

Trisha [Djemal], Thanks for all your help during 2017.  You've been a fantastic help and I've really enjoyed working with you.
F. 17 Jan 2018

Dear Michael [Cornwall], Thank you so much for representing us.  We have both felt in very safe hands and would be more than happy to recommend your services.
O.L. & J.W. 12 Jan 2018

To Michael [Cornwall], Thank you so much for all your hard work.  We love our new home and you will be glad to know that the agents said they have never had such a solicitor that [is so thorough]. We are very grateful.
J.M. & P.M. 20 Dec 2017

[Trisha Djemal] Thank you. [Your service] was perfect; made selling ... very easy for us, thank you.
J.N. 19 Dec 2017

Thank you [Michael Cornwall] once again, you have been absolutely wonderful.  In the future, if we ever have any property buying and selling, we will be sure to come back and also recommend my friends to you.
T.C. 16 Dec 2017

Brilliant Michael [Cornwall], thank you so much for everything, your professionalism, your calm and collected manner of dealing with issues; I cannot thank you enough.
E.C. 16 Dec 2017

Extremely satisfied; please ensure Tina [Price-Johnson] does not leave your company - excellent professional manner with a terrific sense of humour!!
H.B. 14 Dec 2017

Excellent service; definitely recommend [Tina Price-Johnson and] Cunningham Blake.
J.G. 14 Dec 2017

Trisha [Djemal], thank you for all your sound advice in all these complicated transactions; I would recommend you to everyone!
T.C. 13 Dec 2017

Dear Michael [Cornwall], We were kept informed at all stages of both buying and selling; would definitely use again when required and happily recommend to anyone looking to sell/buy a property.  Current levels of service found to be more than satisfactory. Thank you.
RJM & PPM 05 Dec 2017

Tina [Price-Johnson], thanks for all your help.  We received a very prompt, efficient but still personal service.
 I.L. & C.L. 01 Dec 2017

Trisha Djemal and the whole team in general is extremely focused and knowledgeable; extremely satisfied.
FAS 22 Nov 2017

[I am] extremely satisfied with the overall service [provided by Trisha Djemal] - happy to recommend and use Cunningham Blake.
M.S. 22 Nov 2017

[Tina Price-Johnson provided a] very good service on these Wills!  Happy to use and recommend Cunningham Blake.
A.C. & V.C. 16 Nov 2017

Both Trisha [Djemal] and her locum Helen [Bird] went above and beyond; I couldn't be happier with the service.  I already recommend [Cunningham Blake] via my work and am definitely happy to use them again.
D.N. 15 Nov 2017

Many thanks Michael [Cornwall]... I'd like to ... take the opportunity to thank you for the fantastic service we got ... this really was one of the most stressful things I've been through and having someone cool-headed managing matters well and assuring us really helped keep us sane, and more importantly, saw us through to completion ... I would be happy to endorse you and your company.
 H.B. 13 Nov 2017

Extremely satisfied [with the overall service] provided[ by Trisha Djemal].
A.L. 06 Nov 2017

Professional but friendly service made the process extremely easy.  Highly recommend Tina [Price-Johnson] and Cunningham Blake.  100% recommend this team.
E.H. 31 Oct 2017

[We were] extremely satisfied [with Trisha Djemal].  Happy to use and recommend Cunningham Blake.
P.M. & J.M. 24 Oct 2017

Trisha [Djemal] was very helpful and prompt in response to any queries that we had.  An excellent service and we would definitely use Cunningham Blake again.
N.M. 23 Oct 2017

I was very happy with the good advice and service given by Ms Tina Price-Johnson; would certainly use again the firm of Cunningham Blake.
J.B. 09 Oct 2017

Hi Michael [Cornwall], thank you for your hard work, many emails and phone calls, and your good advice.  We are very glad to have exchanged contracts.
T.M. & E.M. 01 Oct 2017

[Tina Price-Johnson] provided a good service, nothing could be improved. Extremely satisfied and happy to use and recommend Cunningham Blake again.
H.K. 20 Sep 2017

The service [by Trisha Djemal] was entirely efficient and professional; nothing to improve!  Extremely satisfied.
D.M. 18 Sep 2017

Dear Matthew [Blake] Thank you for successfully winning and completing my Accident case.  Your hard work, time and patience is very much appreciated and I wish you all the best in the future.
M.C. 18 Sep 2017

The service I received [from Tina Price-Johnson] is of a standard that could not be possibly improved.  Happy to recommend.
T.B. 12 Sep 2017

Tina [Price-Johnson] was in every sense the professional who explained all questions.  She is attentive and made me completely satisfied.  Thank you.
L.N. 12 Sep 2017

The service I have received by Michael Cornwall of Cunningham Blake has been faultless.  I don't think it could have been any better - many thanks.
H.W. 07 Sep 2017

Michael Cornwall; I am extremely satisfied with the overall service received and am happy to use and recommend Cunningham Blake again.  Thank you again!
M.W. 06 Sep 2017

Dearest Michael [Cornwall] and Jac[queline Williams], a huge thank you from all of us for your support to get us to this point!  We are very grateful for all your efforts.
GFR & MFR 01 Sep 2017

Michael Cornwall, we received excellent service and are very happy with Cunningham Blake. Thank you all so much for everything.
JMS 21 Aug 2017

Dear Michael [Cornwall], Thank you so much for everything you did to make this possible.  The flat is wonderful and ___ is very happily moving in.
D.C. & J.S. 20 Aug 2017

Thank you [Michael Cornwall] and Jac[queline Williams], for your expertise, help and patience, especially when mine was failing! ... it was good to hear a voice of reason and calmness on the other end of the line.  Thank you.
G.C. 08 Aug 2017

Dear Mike [Cornwall], I have been doing business with you now for 20+ years and we have completed about 20 different transactions...  Always your support is first class and totally professional.  This complex transaction is no exception.  Many thanks as always.
V.G.W. 18 July 2017

Having dealt with Michael Cornwall and Edwin Cunningham and lately Tina [Price-Johnson] at Cunningham Blake we are sure we will return to you if ever needed.  We have always been happy with the service given since 1986 when we bought our first flat.
P.B & R.B. 06 July 2017

Dear Mr [Matthew] Blake,
Thank you so much for your assistance throughout this process, your help meant I had time to focus on my recovery and get my life back on track.  I am now a much healthier, happier ... person.
 H.R. 06 July 2017

I rang Tina [Price-Johnson] at around 9.30 am, and she came to the hospital after work that day to take instructions, drew up the mirror Wills the following day, and came in again after work to get them signed and witnessed.  We were bowled over.  It was far more than we had expected. 
Anon 23 June 2017

Extremely satisfied - I have had Trisha [Djemal, as Conveyancer] before and always found her professional and very efficient.  Happy to recommend and have already done so.
E.G. 15 June 2017

[Tina Price-Johnson] - very happy with the prompt service; extremely satisfied [and] happy to use and recommend again.
C.C. 14 June 2017

Dear Tina [Price-Johnson], I was very happy with your quick and professional advice and service - extremely satisfied, happy to use and to recommend Cunningham Blake.
C.B. 09 June 2017

[Tina Price-Johnson] - Good advice given in a friendly fashion.  We were made aware of important things we may have overlooked.
P.C. & M.C. 12 May 2017

[Michael Cornwall] Extremely satisfied; very happy with the service, no improvement required with this sale.  Thank you.
HMW 09 May 2017

Hi Michael [Cornwall], Thank you very much for your assistance with this transaction.  From our side, we'd like to say a big thank you - you've made this a very smooth process for us and always been most prompt and helpful!  I will certainly be recommending your services to acquaintances should they ask.
S.C. 04 May 2017

Hi Tina [Price-Johnson], We are so grateful to you for helping us add a bit of peace of mind to our lives.  The Wills are safely snapped into their binder and I feel a sense of relief!
H.T. 03 May 2017

10/10!  Michael [Cornwall] was a joy to deal with.
Anon 12 April 2017

I feel very fortunate to have been helped by Tina Price-Johnson in relation to my probate application.  What I expected to be a long and protracted bureaucratic process was made so much less stressful by her professional and friendly service.   My emails and telephone calls were acted upon almost immediately and her negotiations with another firm of solicitors on my behalf were excellent, enabling me to move forward with my application quickly and easily.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Cunningham Blake to friends and relatives knowing that Ms Price-Johnson will offer them outstanding service and value for money.
R.S. 06 April 2017

Michael [Cornwall], Thank you very much for all your help in putting the sale through so smoothly.
P. 27 March 2017

Dear Michael [Cornwall], [I am] extremely satisfied with the overall service received; second time I have used Cunningham Blake as I was very happy with the service I received the first time and I have already recommended Cunningham Blake to several friends.
D.B. 20 March 2017

​Trisha [Djemal] was fabulous, both acting on the sale ... and on my later purchase of a new home... Trisha was extremely professional but very kind and understanding too, highly efficient and always very pro-active. I also appreciated the service of the wider team, including Sandra [Allen] and Sharon [Hodkin]. In particular Sharon was amazing on the completion day of my purchase, keeping me up-to-date with the late arrival of monies from  my bank and then in dealing with the very quick dispatch of completion monies to the vendor. She was sympathetic to my stress whilst professional in doing what had to be done.  I very much appreciated all these things... I may shortly need expert assistance in relation to my Lease (and possibly acquiring a share in the Freehold interest) - I will certainly contact Trisha for assistance in this regard. I have already recommended Cunningham Blake!  Keep up the great service, and thank you very much!
M.F. 17 March 2017

I am very happy with the service.  Michael [Cornwall] was very thorough and kept me up to date regularly. Will recommend the service to others.
MZW 16 March 2017

Hi Tina [Price-Johnson], Just wanted to say thank you so much for making me so welcome..., answering all my questions and agreeing to help me through this [Probate] process ... it was so refreshing to meet someone so professional, polite and friendly.
R.S. 15 March 2017

I thought we were in safe hands, with an experienced, knowledgeable and personable person in Trisha [Djemal]; would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends.
N.W. & N.W. 09 March 2017

Dear Trisha [Djemal], We wanted to thank you for your advice, professionalism and good humour over the course of our purchase and sale.  We are extremely excited about moving!
S.K. & L.K. 06 March 2017

Michael [Cornwall] was very thorough in his checks and very patient in his explanations as we are first-time buyers and needed more guidance than usual.
M.B. & K.B. 28 February 2017

Dear Michael [Cornwall], I would like to thank you for all your help with the sale.  I would definitely recommend your Company to family and friends.
T.L. 27 February 2017

Dear Matthew [Blake], I would like to thank you for your expert advice with my claim.  Good professional approach.  Basis of client contract made clear at the start.  Happy to use and recommend Cunningham Blake; extremely satisfied.
A.B. 24 February 2017 

[Trisha Djemal, I am] extremely satisfied with the overall service received and am happy to use and recommend Cunningham Blake again.
S.W. 22 February 2017

[Matthew Blake] - very friendly and efficient service, and clear in the explanation of details and expectations.  Extremely satisfied; many thanks.
C.D. 15 February 2017

Hi Michael [Cornwall], thanks for all your help, guidance and patience these few months... we would certainly be very happy if we could count on your services again!
M.B & K.B. 10 February 2017

Extremely happy; [Trisha Djemal provided] a service without exception.
P.B. 01 February 2017

We very much valued Michael's good advice during some difficult moments (thanks to BREXIT!) in the transaction.  We have used Michael Cornwall on a number of occasions due to the professional service we have received, and will continue to do so in the future.  We are now nicely settling into our new home and would just like to thank you and Jac[queline Williams] again for all your help in buying it!
P.B. & M.B. 31 January 2017

Extremely satisfied [with the service by Michael Cornwall]; I have used Cunningham Blake in the past and would do so again.
Anon. 31 January 2017

Not only did Tina [Price-Johnson] provide me with an excellent service in relation to my Will, she kindly explained the legalities of the Deed of Trust that was drawn up elsewhere.  Extremely satisfied.
V.C. January 2017

[Matthew Blake] resolved my situation satisfactorily; can't think of anything to improve the service.  Excellent service.  I have already recommended Cunningham Blake solicitors!
A.H. 23 December 2016

We were extremely satisfied with every aspect of the execution of our Wills and we would recommend CB very highly.  Fast, caring and efficient service from Tina [Price-Johnson], we wouldn't go anywhere else.
B.J. & A.J. 21 December 2016

I think you are wonderful Trisha [Djemal].  I am extremely satisfied - the most stress free time and handled so well I really did enjoy my move.  I am definitely happy to use and recommend Cunningham Blake; fantastic level of service.
M. 19 December 2016

Hi Tina [Price-Johnson], Thanks for your assistance with both my Wills.  I am very satisfied with the level of service provided and happy to use and recommend Cunningham Blake.
V.C. 05 December 2016

Dear Tina [Price-Johnson], Many thanks for all your help with this [Will].  I am extremely satisfied with the overall service and would be happy to use and recommend Cunningham Blake.
E.W. 05 December 2016

Dear Trisha [Djemal]
Cunningham Blake was recommended to us by Sue Denny, John Payne Lettings.  With living abroad, we found the service seamless and totally professional.  They were accurate, speedy to respond and the process from start to finish was pretty much stress free.  Their service was always measured and thorough and Trisha's knowledge and experience was reassuring. A real bonus factor for us was the service provided whereby we had a Senior Partner across the sale at all times. We would highly recommend their services.
C.Y.  02 December 2016

Hi Trisha [Djemal], Sincere thanks for all your help over the last few months.  It might not always have felt like it at your end, but from our perspective, apart from a few stresses with our sale, it's felt like a remarkably smooth process.  And I have no doubt that's because of the calm, patient and expert advice you have offered throughout.
G.S. 30 November 2016

Trisha Djemal - just a little note to thank you so much for your hard work.  I am never buying anything in England without you!
A.M. 24 November 2016

Michael [Cornwall] kept me well informed and due to my location overseas Michael went above and beyond to answer my queries... I have used Michael's services three times for purchase, freehold and sale.  [I am] extremely satisfied."
M.C. 22 November 2016

Thanks Matt[hew Blake] ... Once again Tina [Price-Johnson] may I take this opportunity to thank you for your professionalism and help with dealing with my father's estate.
R.E. 18 November 2016

Tina [Price-Johnson] was extremely helpful in our first meeting and covered all the options.  Tina responded quickly to all emails.  Extremely satisfied.
C.W. 08 November 2016

[Tina Price-Johnson], Extremely satisfied with the overall service and we have recommended the firm to several people.
E.H. 03 November 2016

Dear Mr [Matthew] Blake, Thank you kindly for your help in this matter and the short amount of time it took to deal with.
R.M. 27 October 2016

Hi Tina [Price-Johnson], Thank you so much for your gentle handling and understanding in how smoothly the whole [probate] process went.
R.R., P.R. & D.R. 18 October 2016

[Tina Price-Johnson] - I was made very welcome on my first visit and this put me at ease!  [I am] most definitely happy to recommend Cunningham Blake; extremely satisfied - I thought the service I received was first class, thank you.
M.K.W. 17 October 2016

[Tina Price-Johnson] - extremely satisfied with the very helpful and informative overall service; instant response and all queries answered.  Happy to recommend and use Cunningham Blake.
P.H. 30 September 2016

Mike [Cornwall], May I thank you for all your help and support with our purchase.  Your persistence, commitment and diligence is very much appreciated.
T.S. 30 September 2016

Dear Tina [Price-Johnson], Thank you so much.  You've proved a wonderful source of support.
S.A. 28 September 2016

Dear Mike [Cornwall], May I take this opportunity to thank you for your professionalism in deal with this [probate conveyance] matter.
N.E. 28 September 2016

[Michael Cornwall] I would just like to thank you for all your hard work and diligence throughout the process, it was hugely appreciated by both of us and we would have no reservations recommending your services to others.
C.H & P.H. 12 September 2016

Dear Mike [Cornwall], Thanks for your work with us.  A great job!
J.K. 02 September 2016

[I am] extremely satisfied with the overall service [from Tina Price-Johnson] from start to finish [and am] happy to use Cunningham Blake again because of their efficiency, and happy to recommend because of their quality of work.  Replies to telephone calls and emails/letters were received very quickly with a good level of service overall.
F.T. 26 August 2016

Dear Tina [Price-Johnson] and Matthew [Blake], extremely satisfied with your service, [you can do] nothing [to improve the service]; it is impossible to do any more!
R.R. 24 August 2016

Thank you Michael [Cornwall].  Thanks again for all your help.  You've provided us with an exceptional level of service.  I would not hesitate to recommend your practice to our friends and colleagues.
A.H. 23 August 2016

Thanks for all your help on the sale and purchase.  A very efficient, diligent and professional service, nothing [to improve], Michael [Cornwall] was excellent.
M.J. & S.J. 22 August 2016

Tina Price-Johnson; you could not improve on your service - first class.  Extremely satisfied.
A.W.T. 22 August 2016

Tina [Price-Johnson] made it very easy and simple for me to understand.  Your staff (are) very helpful, very happy to recommend (the) very good service.  Best service already, and quick too!
J.W. 12 July 2016

Dear Tina [Price-Johnson], Thank you so much for your help, support, patience and guidance.  You have been invaluable at such a difficult time for me (dealing with Probate matters).  Very efficient, patient and understanding.  Always happy to explain if I was unsure of what to do/what was expected.  I always felt as if Cunningham Blake were working in my best interest, giving sound advice at all times.  I would recommend Cunningham Blake and I will use them again in the future.
J.F. 11 July 2016

Hi Trisha [Djemal], I just want to thank you again for all your work on the sale.  You were very helpful through the whole process and we appreciated your patience with the time zone challenge!
J.W & C.W. 30 June 2016

Trisha [Djemal], many thanks for your relentless professionalism and guidance, we would definitely not have achieve this complex purchase without you.
A.R. 29 June 2016

Dear Tina [Price-Johnson], After using the Blackheath office [Trisha Djemal] for conveyance we have been delighted with [all] guidance given.  Extremely satisfied [with conveyancing and Wills service].
C.N. & J.P. 29 June 2016

All very efficient; Trisha [Djemal] was excellent!
T. 27 June 2016

It seems quite rare these days to receive reliable, efficient and satisfying service but Trisha [Djemal] provided all of these qualities consistently and was very helpful; confident when I needed, as well as being nice to deal with.  I could not have wished for more from a conveyancer/solicitor.
Anon 20 June 2016

Dear Michael [Cornwall], Thank you for all the support and advice provided and for enabling my first home purchase experience to be a well-executed professional experience.
A.K. 13 June 2016

[Matthew Blake] - [your service] was very efficient from the start... this matter has [been] handled very well since commencement.  Extremely satisfied; [I am] happy to recommend and [would] use Cunningham Blake again.
H.C. 07 June 2016

[Tina Price-Johnson] Extremely satisfied with the overall service, happy to use and recommend Cunningham Blake.  The service was perfect!

E.H. 01 June 2016

Hello Trisha [Djemal], Thank you for all of your hard work..., you have been amazing and we are truly grateful to you.
A.S. 27 May 2016

Michael [Cornwall], Thank you very much for your professional service over the last few weeks.  You made the whole process very easy for us and we would not hesitate in using you again and recommending you to all friends and family. [You] made the process very easy and without stress [and] reacted to my time-scales without me chasing and I have recommended you.
R.C. & A.C. 24 May 2016

Hi Michael [Cornwall], I want to say that we were extremely satisfied with the level of service you and your colleagues provided!  I know it wasn't at all straightforward and we really appreciate your efforts"
T.H. & A.H. 20 May 2016

Tina Price-Johnson, Many thanks for all your good help.  I am extremely satisfied.
K.O'R 04 May 2016

Hi Michael [Cornwall], Thanks so much for everything - you have been wonderful throughout this difficult process.  We will definitely be referring you on to friends and family.
S.T. & T.T. 19 April 2016

Dear Trisha [Djemal], A huge THANK YOU for everything you did to make sure our purchase of ... went through smoothly.  We have really valued all your experience, advice and guidance... We will recommend you ourselves.  Thanks again.
H&M 06 April 2016

[Trisha Djemal] You were on top of everything from the start.  Your knowledge and experience really shone through and helped make the process pain free.  A very professional and reasonably priced service; extremely satisfied.
H.P. 06 April 2016

You were fantastic. [Trisha Djemal] gave really helpful advice.  We felt completely safe in your hands because you had been so thorough; extremely responsive by phone and email.
H.S. 06 April 2016

Hello Mike [Michael Cornwall], I would like to say thank you for your prompt and efficient handling of this sale; my [...] feel the same.  We will be in touch in the near future for our other requirements.
K.S. 01 April 2016

Tina [Price-Johnson] was very efficient and courteous.  [Cunningham Blake] acted for vendors of my current property and drafted my Will.  They have been very helpful. Extremely satisfied.
N.S. 31 March 2016

[Tina Price-Johnson was] very helpful at all times.  Everything was most satisfactory.
D.G. 31 March 2016

It was a pleasure to work with such a professional and courteous solicitor as Mr [Matthew] Blake.  Happy to recommend Cunningham Blake without hesitation.  Your service more than met my expectations.  My profound appreciation.
J.M. 30 March 2016

Service [provided by Tina Price-Johnson] has always been prompt and fully explained.  We were happy with the service we received. Extremely satisfied.
W.C. & C.C. 29 March 2016

Extremely satisfied [with the] extremely efficient service from Trisha [Djemal].  I hope to have a house for sale within the next couple of years and will certainly return to Trisha.
E.G. 07 March 2016

I am very pleased with the service I have received from Cunningham Blake [and Tina Price-Johnson].
B.K. 29 February 2016

[Matthew Blake] Extremely satisfied. Easy, friendly and ... a pleasant experience.
Anon 26 February 2016

[Matthew Blake] I want to thank you for your guidance, support and work over the past year.  I really appreciate it.  Extremely satisfied with the service received from you.
J.D. 24 February 2016

Extremely satisfied - nothing at all [could be improved] Trisha [Djemal] and the team have been fantastic! 
A.B. 23 February 2016

Hi Trisha [Djemal], I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work with the sale of ... and purchase of ...  Your knowledge has been invaluable and we can't thank you enough for your guidance and help throughout the very long process!  You and your team have been fantastic throughout.  Best regards, and many thanks.
A.B. 16 February 2016

Extremely satisfied with the [Probate] service [Matthew Blake and Tina Price-Johnson]; happy to use and recommend Cunningham Blake again.
B.K. 08 February 2016

[Trisha Djemal was] Efficient, friendly and helpful.  I would definitely use Cunningham Blake again and hopefully in the near future.
A.M. 01 February 2016

Matthew [Blake] was extremely efficient and helpful; plus the secretary.  Excellent service, thanks.
Anon 27 January 2016

To Matthew [Blake] and Staff,
Thank you so very much for the time you have spent on me.  I gratefully appreciate your efforts.
M.S. 21 January 2016

[Matthew Blake] Many thanks for your service.  I would be happy to use Cunningham Blake and to recommend you.
B.I. 14 January 2016

Dear Trisha [Djemal],
(I am) Extremely satisfied (with the) excellent due diligence.  Kept up-to-date at every stage. Extremely satisfied with the overall service (and) happy to recommend.
A.D. 05 January 2016

[Trisha Djemal]; extremely satisfied with the overall service received, happy to use and recommend Cunningham Blake
Anon 04 January 2016

Hi Michael [Cornwall],
Thank you so much for all your help, support and patience over the past couple of months, we couldn't have done it without you.
M.S. 21 December 2015

Dear Trisha [Djemal],
I'd ... like to thank you for all your assistance with the sale and the purchase; you provided great service which we greatly appreciate."
C.B. & D.C. 13 November 2015

Dear Michael [Cornwall],
Thank you and your team for all your help in our house purchase.  The entire procedure was very streamlined and efficient.
A.P & V.P. 02 November 2015

Thanks to Tina Price-Johnson - extremely satisfied with the overall service; happy to use again [and] to recommend Cunningham Blake.
E.J. 29 October 2015

[Michael Cornwall], Keep up the good work, personal service always appreciated.  Extremely satisfied with the overall service.
M.P. 23 October 2015

Hi Michael [Cornwall], Many thanks for all your help with our various conveyancing jobs... We'll certainly use your services if we have any other legal needs.  Extremely satisfied with the overall service received ... happy to recommend Cunningham Blake.
V.C. 07 October 2015

Michael [Cornwall], Cunningham Blake provided an excellent service.  Thank you for all your work on the purchase and sale.  Extremely satisfied and happy to recommend Cunningham Blake.
I.B. 24 September 2015

Michael [Cornwall], we were extremely impressed with all aspects of the service (you) provided and would not hesitate to use the firm again.
I.G. & S.G. 24 September 2015

Trisha [Djemal], Can I thank you so very much for all of your hard work in getting this transaction over the line today ... you have been an absolute stalwart.  I am hugely grateful for your efforts - well above and beyond the call of duty.
K.H. 23 September 2015

Tina Price-Johnson - [I am] extremely satisfied with the overall service, happy to recommend Cunningham Blake.
V.N. 17 September 2015

Dear Michael [Cornwall], Many thanks for your very efficient and professional service.
S.L. 14 September 2015

Dear Trisha [Djemal], Thanks again for all your help; I know negotiations got a bit tense, and there was a lot of rushing around, but throughout the process you were brilliant.  Very happy to be in my new place.
T.F. 10 September 2015

Tina Price-Johnson - Without any exaggeration I can say there is nothing you can do to improve your service.  It is exemplary and I am delighted to have found a law firm in whom I can place my affairs with complete confidence.
P.N. 10 September 2015

Good morning Trisha [Djemal], Thank you so much for acting for me in the sale of my flat.  Not having been through the process before I've really appreciated your advice and the professionalism, calmness and efficiency with which the process has been carried out ... tonight we are off to celebrate!
N.D. 03 September 2015

Dear Mr [Matthew] Blake, I would like to thank you for the successful outcome of my compensation claim.  I appreciate all you did and the way you handled my case.  Thank you very much.
H.C. 01 September 2015

Trisha [Djemal], I don't think the service could be improved.  We were more than happy with the professionalism and courtesy we received.  Extremely satisfied overall.
M.W. 01 September 2015

[Matthew Blake] - Extremely satisfied with the overall service; happy to use and recommend Cunningham Blake.  Many many thanks.
A.P.B. 19 August 2015

Trisha Djemal has given me the best professional guidance and help I could have wished for.  I will always recommend Trisha Djemal.  Excellent service received by all members of staff I have had to deal with.
L.C. 13 August 2015

Dear Tina, Thank you for your valued assistance.  It has settled me considerably as you were very efficient and kind...thank you for your excellent assistance.  I am very happy with the service I received and it was very efficient and reassuring.  I have recommended your company.
T.T. 11 August 2015

Thank you [Tina Price-Johnson] for all your help and guidance. Extremely satisfied with the overall service and happy to use and recommend Cunningham Blake.

L.A. 05 August 2015

Thank you for everything you did, Trisha [Djemal]; the difficult negotiations and the haste with which the exchange needed to be prepared. I appreciate I am not your only client so I'm grateful you fast tracked all of this on my behalf .. I appreciate all the patience and advice you've given; you've been amazing throughout this whole process. Many thanks.
T.F. & C.W. 01 August 2015

[Tina Price-Johnson] Thank you for your time, patience and understanding. Outstanding service! Extremely satisfied.
N.H. 29 July 2015

Dear Matt [Blake], Thank you so much for your help over the past couple of months; without you I'm sure we would have ended up in debt!
K & M 20 July 2015

I feel that I was provided an excellent and very professional service [by Trisha Djemal].Without a doubt happy to use Cunningham Blake again. I will highly recommend Cunningham Blake. I was very happy with your service (and) will definitely be using Cunningham Blake again!

C.D. 15 July 2015

[Trisha Djemal was] Really excellent all round, friendly, easy to communicate with and exceedingly efficient. Happy to use Cunningham Blake again and happy to recommend Cunningham Blake.
D.S. 10 July 2015

Extremely professional service [from Trisha Djemal]. Cannot fault the firm in any way. Could not have been more helpful and knowledgeable. Would not use another conveyancer.
NF & JF 19 May 2015

This is the third time we have bought using Michael Cornwall's services and again we have been very happy with the service even when this was a particular difficult purchase.
B.R. 08 May 2015

Dear Ken [Cunningham],
May we also take this opportunity to thank you for your first rate service and efforts, particularly in getting things pushed through at the last minute.  It really was appreciated.  We will of course have no hesitation in retaining your services or recommending you to others in the future.

E.O'B. & L.J.

Very pleased with the service provided by Michael [Cornwall] and team (again!) in what was a fairly complicated purchase - very thorough and professional.  Michael is very tenacious and excellent at representing our interests.
P.L. & J.L. 13 Apr 2015

You cannot improve on the service Trisha Djemal gave us.  She's fantastic!!
Extremely satisfied with the overall service, happy to recommend and use Cunningham Blake again.

K.S. 17 Apr 2015

Dear Matthew [Blake], Further to our telephone conversations at the beginning of the week, might I thank you once again for the expeditious way in which you responded to our call and dealt with the ... matter."
R.H. 26 Mar 2015

Dear Trisha [Djemal],
Thank you for all that you have done with regard to the sale of [PROPERTY], we greatly appreciated your efficiency and helpfulness during the whole process.

M.M. 24 Mar 2015

"Trish Djemal ... completed our sale hassle free - extremely satisfied.  Communication was outstanding.  Always able to get hold of someone, when required.  We didn't ever feel like we were waiting for Cunningham Blake to respond to anything."
N.  Feb 2015

The service we received was excellent.  Both our solicitor [Michael Cornwall] and his secretary were responsive, accessible, helpful and friendly.  By far the most positive experience of a solicitor we've experienced.  Many thanks!!
K.W.  05 Jan 2015

Dear Matthew [Blake], A big thanks to you and the team for your hard work on the case"
B.R. Dec 2014

Dear Mike, Thank you so much for helping us with the sale of [ ] and purchase of [ ].  We were really impressed by the service you provided and will definitely recommend you!
J. & P. 22 Dec 2014

Tina ... I just wanted to add a massive thank you for all your help with [Will drafting] - this is the second time I have instructed Cunningham Blake (the first was [Michael Cornwall] on the purchase of my flat) and I have had a very positive experience on both occasions.
S.S. 05 Dec 2014

[Trisha Djemal] - Thank you so much for your quick-thinking, efficient and selfless determination on our behalf with achieving complicated exchanges against the clock.  We appreciate it very much and consider you a most wonderful solicitor.  [E], who [F] popped in to see this morning, also considers that very few other solicitors would have been as skilled, adroit and dedicated as you.  Thank you!
E., G. & F. 04 Dec 2014

Trisha [Djemal]- I just wanted to say a huge thank you again for all your work in helping me to purchase my dream first home!  I was under pressure to exchange, but your calm yet efficient approach to everything really helped.  Many thanks to you and your team!
L.T. Nov 2014

Trisha Djemal's service was second to none - treated with respect throughout even when asking lots of questions.  Efficient and valued; all problems resolved quickly; all queries answered personally.  Thank you for allowing us to enjoy our new home all the more!
Anon. 29 Oct 2014

The quality of work provided by Trisha Djemal is fantastic - extremely satisfied.  We will definitely highly recommend you to our friends.
M. & A.T. 22 Sep 2014

[Matthew Blake] I would like to thank you for the successful outcome of my compensation claim.  I appreciate all you did and the way you handled my case.  Thank you very much.
H.C. 31 Aug 2014

Dear Trisha, Many thanks for all your hard work and support on the sale and purchase of our properties.  We really appreciate it ... Thank you.
W. Family 16 Aug 2014

[Michael Cornwall] Extremely satisfied with the overall service - The service we received was first class throughout.  Thank you.
J.S. & J.L. 13 Aug 2014

Trisha - Keep the relationships and stay the size you are - from a client point of view [the service] is perfect!
Anon. 31 July 2014

Dear Trisha, Thank you for your exceptional service with our sale and purchase transactions.  You're an asset to the industry.  Hopefully there's an opportunity to do business on our next transaction!
J&M 30 July 2014

The support we received from Trisha was superb... extremely satisfied...happy to recommend
K. & G.S. July 2014

Mr Cornwall and the team were always available and gave good advice ... I and my family have used the company six times and we would use again.
C.  July 2014

Extremely satisfied with the overall service.  This is the second time we've used Trisha; the conveyancing service was excellent, both times.  Trisha Djemal is a thorough and efficient conveyancer and she is very experienced.
Anon. July 2014

Very prompt and helpful responses to all our queries.  Definitely happy to use Cunningham Blake again...  I would highly recommend Trisha [Djemal] to friends and colleagues
Anon. June 2014

A very difficult and over-extended property sale ... was dealt with promptly and with considerable patience and empathy [by Michael Cornwall].  We have returned to use Cunningham Blake for the purchase of our next property which is progressing well and has been handled with the expected efficiency.  We would certainly recommend Cunningham Blake for their efficiency, professionalism [and] empathy.
G.L. June 2014

Level of service [from Trisha Djemal was] very good ... Very helpful ... Very satisfied, thank you.
P.D.  May 2014

Michael - Many thanks for your service regarding my conveyancing needs.  [I] have recommended CB to all my family who have needed conveyancing - extremely satisfied.
S.V. 01 Apr 2014

Thank you so much for your advice, Trisha.  I am actually a university lecturer in a business school and often teaching about total customer service - I just wanted to send a quick message to express my gratitude.  You also managed to relieve some of the pain of my previous experience in this sector!
Dr M.S. 14 March 2014

Trisha - Thank you for being the best solicitor we could have imagined to get us through the stress and sleepless nights of buying our new house!  You bore with us through all our frequent panics, fought as hard as you could for us and we got there!  We are totally thrilled with our new place and so grateful to you for getting us there.
T., A. & M. 13 March 2014

[Trisha Djemal provided] Simply the best service - [happy to use again] without question - extremely satisfied

Anon. Feb 2014

Tina - may I again thank you for the sensitive and professional way that you managed this [Wills] matter, which was greatly appreciated, and further a sincere thank you for making time on Sunday to attend the hospital.
T.R. 11 Nov 2013

Matthew - I thank you and your staff for the successful conclusion of this claim.  Your service was both professional and efficient throughout the entire process of this complicated claim.  All of your work is much appreciated and [I] cannot thank you enough for your high quality of service.
D.B. 05 July 2013

[Matthew] I have received my cheque in the post today. Thank you for all your help and advice along the way.
D.L. 05 July 2013

"Please accept my sincere thanks for your consistent support throughout... it has been much appreciated and I would be happy to recommend you and your team in the future."
A.M. 07 June 2013

Tina - A big thank you to you for your extremely speedy response in preparing our Wills.
S.D. 27 May 2013

Tina - Excellent and swift work.
R.M. 27 Feb 2013

Tina - Thorough and exactly what we asked.
P & I 18 Feb 2013

Trisha [Djemal], Thank you for your professionalism in all this.  My previous experience with solicitors has never been a positive one but in your case you have been exceptional and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you.
D.M. 13 July 2012

Dear Trisha [Djemal],
We were very happy with your services and although we don't intend to buy/sell houses anytime soon we'll be very happy to recommend you to anybody we know that are thinking of moving.

L. & A.T. 08 Jan 2012

[Matthew Blake] Thank you very much for your help.  I could always rely on your work which was good and prompt.  You kept me in touch all the time to alert me to the updates.  You are the best.  Thank you.
P.M. Aug 2010

Dear Tricia [Djemal],
I wanted to write to say a huge thank you for all the fantastic support you gave us during our recent house sale and purchase.  I know we would not have made it without your expert intervention and advice.  During what was clearly a very difficult and stressful process, it was wonderful to have someone thoughtful and calm on whom we could rely for support and advice... Please also pass on our thanks to all those who work alongside you.

R.A & D.A. 10 Nov 2006

I am writing to express my sincere thanks for the way you conducted the sale of my late sister’s property. I was much impressed by the professional and prompt way in which you dealt with all matters and also the fact that you kept me informed at each stage of the proceedings. You made the whole process very straightforward and easy for me as the Executor. I can assure you that from personal experience not all Solicitors are as competent and helpful as you and I will certainly have no hesitation in recommending you to my family and friends if ever an occasion arises

Thank you so much for your help and endless patience with our big purchase. I am sure we would not have made it without you. We love being back in the City and the short commute to work. Thanks again and regards your very satisfied clients. We would love to recommend you to friends if that is OK with you.

Thank you so much for all the hard work it was a much more relaxed and stress free time for me this time so I’ll definitely come back to you and spread the word. You were fantastic. Thanks again.

We are now in our new home and busy with lots of painting and decorating and it looks like we will be like this for some time to come. Despite all the hard work ahead us we are thrilled to be here. Thank you for your help and attention to detail.

The originals of the above testimonials can be viewed at our offices on request.

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